EG Systems offers the W-2 / 1099 Filer for Windows.  After 35 years on the market we know we offer the absolute best W-2 software and 1099 software solution for year end compliance in meeting Form W-2 and 1099 Filing requirements.  This is no ordinary W-2/1099 system.  It is a professional high performance system on steroids that offers everything you can imagine with numerous preference and convenience features.  Plus we include 1099 Electronic Filing and W2 Electronic Filing for free. 

For 16 years in a row we received the highest rating possible from the CPA Practice Advisor.  No other company can claim the same achievement.  Download our demo now and see what it can do for you.
1099 Software High Performance System

Professional High Performance System

Award winning software for year end compliance reporting of all W-2 / 1099 series forms. Our system has every bell and whistle imaginable with numerous preference and convenience features.

Free Electronic Filing

We include for free the easiest to use Electronic Filing Wizard on the market. Batch file wage and information returns with ease. Handles Federal and all States including the Combined Federal program.
1099 Software Features

Best in Class Features

Nobody else can offer what we do as far as data entry, electronic filing and convenience features. We provide you with incredible features at a remarkable price point.
Because we are really good at what we do and have been doing this for over 35 years.
We give you every feature we can think of at a very affordable price point.
Incredibly powerful & easy to use
Extensive features
Outstanding Printing & Importing Options
Highly Rated
Fantastic Support
Nothing else matches up
See what we've got!
Importing data into 1099 Software

Powerful Importing

Import from Excel or QuickBooks. Our Import Wizards will save you a tremendous amount of time
1099 Software Data Entry

Sophisticated Data Entry

We cater to everyone by offering multiple methods of entering data.

1. Classic style data entry logically organized
2. Interactive form on the screen
3. Quick entry spreadsheet style
4. Tree view
1099 Software - Forms Available

List of Forms Supported

■W2, W2C and W2G
■W3, W3C and 1096 Transmittals
■1099 NEC, 1099 MISC, 1099 DIV, 1099 INT, 1099R, 1099S
■1099A, 1099B, 1099C, 1099 CAP, 1099 OID, 1099 PATR
■1099G, 3921, 1099K
■1098, 1098T, 1098E and 1098C
■1095-C, 1095-B and 1094C/1094-B
■940, 941/941-B, 943/943-A and 945/945-A
1099 Software - Save time and money

Use our software to Save Time & Money

-Easily produce W-2 and 1099 Forms

-Electronically file your W-2 and 1099 forms

-Access all your Forms in 1 easy to use package

-Import existing data from Excel, QuickBooks, Comma separated (CSV) or Fixed length file

-No need to buy those expensive "tax" envelopes by using our numerous envelope, label & printing options

-Send recipients their forms by email
Outstanding Reviews - 1099 Software
Outstanding Reviews!
See for yourself why we received the highest rating in the CPA Technology Advisor's review of W2 software and 1099 software for 16 years in a row. No other company can claim such a feat.
1099 Forms Service Bureau

Service Bureau

Our prices are extremely competitive. We don't just process your data. We actually review it and scrub it. We really take care of our customers and work with them. Call us for a quote.
We are very proud of our software and know that you will find it to be heads above the rest when compared to any other W2 software or 1099 software. We provide you with incredible features at a remarkable price point.

You will not find any other W2 software or 1099 software that will work for you as well as ours. That's why we have received the highest rating possible from the CPA Practice Advisor for 16 years in a row. What more can we say, that achievement speaks for itself. Download our demo today and test it for yourself.
Periodically we review W2 software and 1099 software from our competition and compare what we offer to what they offer. We consider ourselves to be extremely objective in this evaluation. In summary, we can honestly say that there are very few packages out there that can really do the job. They just don’t meet the standards of what good software should be. We truly believe that our software is one of the easiest to use with incredibly powerful features.

You should definitely read the reviews of W2 software and 1099 software by the CPA Practice Advisor (formerly the CPA Technology Advisor). From the years 2000 through 2010 we received a 5 star rating. In a few of those years we were the only Company to receive that high a rating. In 2011 they changed their rating system and we received 4.75 stars, their highest honor. 5 stars represents excellent software. 4 ½ stars could be attained by any average software and below 4 ½ is pretty much inadequate for anything. We have always received the highest rating possible from the CPA Practice Advisor. Our demo speaks for itself. We find that we always win when our W2 software / 1099 software is put up against any other W2 software / 1099 software. Come see for yourself.
This W-2 and 1099 software system is incredibly powerful and easy to use. Compare this W-2 and 1099 software program to any other on the market and you will see that nothing matches up. We guarantee this with our 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee

IRS approved for 1099 tax software filing.  Our 1099 software will allow you to send in Form 1099 MISC / 1099 DIV / 1099 INT / 1099 R / 1098 / 1098 T / 1098 E / 5498 / 1042 S / 1099 A / 1099 B / 1099 OID / 1099 PATR / 1099 C / 1098 C / W2 G / 1099 S
Approved for filing W-2 and W-2C forms with Social Security Administration
CPA Technology Advisor - Review of 1099 Software
CPA Practice Advisor - Readers Choice for 1099 Software
Nelco Tax Forms - W2 and 1099 Form Suppliers

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