Downloads - The W-2 / 1099 Filer

Click on one of the following to download the appropriate program. There is no password required for installation.  The program will install itself in DEMO mode which means that the only restriction is that the word Demo appears on form printouts.   Your registration information will be sent to you via email which will remove any restrictions.
Note about AntiVirus Software Notifications
If you are receiving a notification from your anti-virus software, it is a false positive.   You will need to tell your anti-virus software to run it or unblock it.   If using Windows Defender, you will need to select "More Info" and then "Run Anyway".  Certain versions of McAfee and Trend Micro will block it no matter what so you will have to turn it off, download and install the software, then turn it back on and add w21099.exe to the exclusion list.  If using Acronis do not use the Alternate Download site.   If any other Antivirus software is giving you trouble, use the Alternate Download link.
Year Description Version Updated Size HTTPS download Notes
2023 Demo - W2 / 1099 Filer 6.16 3/19/24 49 mb Download
W2 / 1099 Filer
Full Install
(includes new acknowledgment receipt and support for IRIS)
49 mb Download

Download Site

(Use the Alternate Site to Burn Your Own CD or if you have trouble with the Download above.  If your antivirus software is giving you trouble use this link to download)

Silent Installer
If using Chrome, you may need to click on the option to "Keep" the file and "Run it anyways".

With other browsers, you may have to save the file and then run it from your Downloads folder (Ctl-J)
2022 W2 / 1099 Filer
Full Install
6.08 12/30/23 49 mb Download
2021 W2 / 1099 Filer
Full Install
5.996 11/14/22 41 mb Download
2020 W2 / 1099 Filer
Full Install
5.87 1/19/22 29 mb Download
2019 W2 / 1099 Filer
Full Install
11/05/20 29 mb Download
2018 W2 / 1099 Filer
Full Install
12/12/19 29 mb Download
2017 W2 / 1099 Filer
Full Install
5.62 4/23/18 28 mb Download
2016 W2 / 1099 Filer
Full Install
5.54 3/31/17 28 mb Download
2015 W2 / 1099 Filer
Full Install
5.38 11/29/16 27mb Download
2014 W2 / 1099 Filer
Full Install
5.35 6/18/15 27mb Download
2013 W2 / 1099 Filer
Full Install
5.31 12/5/14 25mb Download
2012 W2 / 1099 Filer
Full Install
5.22 4/11/13 23mb Download
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