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QuickBooks Import Facility


The QuickBooks Import Facility is designed to access your Payroll W-2 or 1099 MISC data maintained in QuickBooks and import that data into The W-2/1099 Filer program. 


There are three areas which can be imported which have their own detailed instructions and should be read:



Payroll W-2 Import Instructions



1099 Misc Import Instructions - QB Desktop

1099 Misc Import Instructions - QB Online


If this is the first time you are using this program you should definitely read the following:


Important Items to note:

QuickBooks must be running in single-user mode.


You must be running QuickBooks 2004 or higher for the Auto Extract to work.  In addition to our program, you are required to install the QuickBooks SDK version 5 which is distributed free of charge by Intuit.  The Auto Extract method is only available for Payroll.


The Payroll Detail Review report can be generated using either a first name / last name or last name / first name format.  You must tell the program which format you are using in Step 1: Settings.  The 1099 Detail report must be generated using First Name / Last Name only.


All numeric values that are negative must be set to print out using either a preceding negative sign or parenthesis.  These settings can be found under Edit / Preferences.  We will automatically determine the format and handle it accordingly.


For QB Desktop versions 2002 to 2003, the Manual Extract should work.  That method involves printing out either the Payroll Detail Review Report or the 1099 Detail Report with specific fields and then exporting to a CSV File.  We have tested it successfully with QB 2003.  We assume it will work on versions 2002 because that version has the same modifications available on the Payroll Detail Review Report.  Unfortunately on versions 2001 and lower, Intuit does not allow the employee's address to appear on the Payroll Detail Review Report.  If you are running a version of QuickBooks 2001 or lower we have a solution for you but you will need to contact us.  The QB Online import only works with 1099s.   See QuickBooks Import: 1099 - QB Online for more information on this.


Assumptions made concerning QuickBooks Data: