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Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN's)


The program recognizes three types of TIN's, which must always be nine (9) digits in length.


Employer identification number (EIN) - assigned by the federal government to those businesses who have applied for one on form SS-4.  This number is in the format "XX-XXXXXXX."  The program requires all payors to have an EIN.  An employee / recipient may have a TIN in the format of an EIN.


Social Security number (SSN) - applies to only the employee / recipient.  This number is in the format "XXX-XX-XXXX."  There is an option for a payor to have it entered as an EIN but printed out as a SSN (Payor maintenance).


System - In cases where an employee / recipient has no SSN, the program will maintain a TIN for them in the format of an SSN "XXX-XX-XXXX".  When printed onto preprinted or laser generated forms, no TIN will appear.  When printed onto internal listings and edit reports, the notation "System SSN" or "*" will appear to distinguish it from other TIN types.  Later on you can change the ID# to a valid type when you obtain the correct ID#.


When adding records it will be necessary to pull up an employee/recipient.  When the cursor is on the field for the ID# of the employee /recipient, you can pull up a list of the employee/recipients in the system by either pressing the F2 key or clicking on the lookup icon to the right of the field.  A list of employee/recipients will appear where you can add new records or change existing records.  You can search the employee/recipient list by typing out the first few letters of the person's last name (or first few letters of a company name).  Select an employee/ recipient by choosing OK on a highlighted employee/recipient record or by pressing the ENTER key.  You will be automatically brought back to the initial data entry screen with the ID#, name and address of the employee/ recipient appearing right on the form.  You may then tab over to the other fields on the screen and fill them out appropriately.