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Advertising has proven itself as a way to succeed in business. We can develop a campaign for your company, such as writing effective articles that inform current and future clients about your product or service. Along with your unique video, they will quickly drive traffic to your website. With the Internet replacing much of print, we can help you generate income with a relatively modest investment.

We can provide you the following Commercial Video Services:
Document 3 hours of your business operations — $500

Use an existing script, which you'll supply for the commercial

Document any interviews from customers, employees or owners

Create a professional title for your project

Create a DVD with chapters, individual menus and Dolby surround sound

Use photography, maximum of 8 pictures, to create a slide show for your DVD, which will be placed at the end of your project

Print a professional label onto the face of the DVD

Design a box cover for your DVD sleeve with the title of your business, address, email address or telephone number

Email the file to your web designer and place a file onto my site

A La Carte Services — $500.00

Place video on multiple social sites — $100.00

Write blogs and articles (minimum of seven) for your business — $150 per week

Additional photos for your business — $30 per hour

Email marketing with video links. Place keywords with search engines such as Yahoo, Bling and Google — $200 per week.

Commercial Work

With Our Commercial Video Services:

We will help you reach 1,000s of potential clients

We will present your business information in a powerful and creative way

We will use text in your video to elaborate key business points

We will use your video to optimize your website and drive traffic to your business

We will place keywords on multiple sites so that more customers will be able to find your business quickly and easily

View Our Sample Videos:

Commercial Work