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VAM-Premiere Import

The W-2/1099 Filer for Visual AccountMate is a wonderful alternative to year end payroll compliance reporting.  Our software is a powerful, full-blown solution to all of your W-2 and 1099 reporting needs.  In addition to just preparing Forms W-2 and 1099-Misc, we offer the following:


Additional Forms such as W-2C (corrected W-2s), 1099-A, 1099-B, 1099-R, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-OID, 1099-PATR, 5498, 1098, 1098-T, 1098-E, 1099-S, 941, 940 and 943.

Will import 1099-INT and 1099-DIV information from AccountMate

Ability to generate the entire form on blank paper.

Generation of a magnetic media file for submitting by floppy disk or electronic filing via the Internet or a modem.  In addition to the Federal format, we support most states.

Ability to file black-ink Copy-A of the W-2.  This format requires special approval by the SSA which we have programmed for.

Preparation of appropriate transmittal forms such as W-3, 1096, 4804 or 6559

Mailing labels and direct printing onto envelopes.  No need to purchase expensive window envelopes.

Option to print the recipient Copy-B with instructions on the same page.

Included Handy Net Payroll Calculator which calculates gross to net and net to gross for most states.

Five methods of viewing data (Classic style, interactive, quick entry, Trees and DOS version)

Integrated Import / Export Facility and Backup / Restore Facility.

and much more


As far as your AccountMate data goes, we only handle importing of data.  If any data is changed within our program, it does not write it back to AccountMate.  We also do not update the tax tables used for payroll computations.


To use the import feature, access Utilities from the pull down menu in our software.  Then select Import/Export / AccountMate.  Select either W-2 or 1099.


The following are the import rules that need to be followed:


Supports VAM/LAN, VAM/SQL and Premiere.


For all versions, you must know the number of the company used.  That number is available when selecting a company from the pull-down list within the appropriate program.


It is mandatory that you have already performed the year-end closing routine for W-2s or 1099s.


We only maintain a 2 character state field in our system.  Therefore you must ensure that all vendors in the vendor database only utilize a 2 character state.    We will convert any correctly spelled full state names to their two letter abbreviation.  If any are misspelled or invalid, the state field will be blank and you will need to correct it in our program or go back to AccountMate, correct it there and reimport.



For SQL only:

You must have the Payor already setup in the W-2/1099 Filer program.

You must use the Table Browser/Exporter to export the AP1099 and APVEND files for 1099s or PREMW2 for W2s to a Visual Foxpro database.  You can place them in any folder but must use the same names.


If an employee/recipient has no Federal ID# or Soc. Sec. # or it is in an invalid format, we will automatically assign a System ID# to it so we can process it.   


Payor, Employee/Recipient and W-2/1099-MISC information will be transferred.  The information comes in from AMSYST (for Payors), APVEND and ap1099 (for 1099-MISC Recipients) and PREMW2 (for Employees).  The transfer is considered to be a one-time event.  If you make changes to your original data kept in VAM/Premiere and wish to retransfer the information into our program, you will have to import your data again.  You have the option of deleting previously imported form data previously transferred.  If you don't delete the previously imported data, then we will update existing records based on a Taxpayer ID# (EIN or SSN).  Please be aware that our system must use an ID# to keep track of records.  The potential problem occurs when there is no Taxpayer ID# being used by VAM/Premier.  When that happens, we assign a special type of number so we can keep track of it.  So if a recipient has already been imported and assigned a number, it is very difficult to update that record, so you must use caution with this type of situation.


The second line for the address field in our recipient database is only 10 chars. as of this time.  It is meant only for Apt. #, Suite #, or Box #.  The second address line for any VAM/Premiere vendor will not be transferred.  This limitation will be addressed next year when we implement a change to our main file structures.


We store names in our system into 3 fields [lastname, frstname and entname2].  Middle names/initials will be combined with the first name.  Please review them for accuracy.  Company names are split across the lastname and frstname fields.


VAM/Premiere does not differentiate as to whether or not a payment is for an attorney which must be reported in box 13.  VAM/Premiere will group it into box 7.  You are responsible for ensuring that payments to attorneys are properly reported.  We have made a provision in the import program to account for this.  If you have put a code of ATTY in the class field under vendor maintenance (AT in the vendor type field in Premiere) , we will be able to handle this type of payment and place it appropriately

into the box for attorney payments.  The same applies to Excess Golden Parachute Payments.  Use the code GOLD in the vendor's class (GP in the vendor type field in Premiere) and we will categorize it accordingly.


VAM/Premiere does not prepare Forms 1099-INT and 1099-DIV.  If you classify your vendor as INT or DIV in the class field, we will transfer their 1099 record to the correct form.  For Premiere, use 9I for 1099-INT and 9D for 1099-DIV.  The only limitation here is that we must transfer any interest or dividend payments to Box 1.