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Updating Form Records - Classic Style


This is an update form for entering form data in a classic data entry style.   It is laid out a little more logically than the actual form itself which is available under the interactive style of entering forms.


Upon entering this screen you cursor will be postioned on to the taxpayer ID# field.   A taxpayer ID# can be any one of 3 types

1.  Federal ID#  (EIN)

2.  Social Security Number (SSN)

3.  System ID (Sys)


The positioning of the dot next to which type of ID# you are using is based on the default you selected in System Options.  This is usually SSN.  If you need to override the Taxpayer ID# simply place the dot next to the one you desire.  The System ID is available to use when you do not know the ID# of the recipient.   Just place the dot there and make up any arbitrary nine digit number.   If you eventually obtain the actual ID# of the taxpayer you can change this System ID using the 2 people icon at the top toolbar.  This changes it globally.


After entering the Taxpayer ID# you will be brought to the recipient's name and address.   If the recipient's ID# is already in the system then that information will be retrieved.   If the ID # is not in the system you will be prompted as to whether or not you are entering a new recipient.   


You can always perform a lookup to the recipient table to retrieve a recipient's name and address by either pressing the F2 shortcut key or by clicking on the icon immediately to the right of the Taxpayer ID# which looks like a down arrow.


The recipient name and address is always displayed consistently at the top half of the screen.