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Numeric fields are not displaying correctly when the field is highlighted during data entry

Opware32.exe is known to cause problems when performing numeric input.



Whenever I go to print, the computer freezes

This is a rare bug which happens on only a few computers.  We have no idea why this happens because the problem is random and so infrequent that we are unable to duplicate it.  We have a workaround that works 100% of the time.  Go to System Option and check off the box for "Special Startup Mode".


When I go to print the list of payors does not appear allowing me to select one for printing

This happens when there is a payor record with no name in it.  We have placed almost every control we can think of to prevent a payor record being added without a name.  Sometimes this slips through the cracks.  All you have to do to correct this is go the Payor list from the main menu and go right to the top.  If you see any records without a name in them, edit them and put a name there.