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Technical support is provided free of charge.  Call EG Systems, Inc. at (800) 264-3155 if there are any questions regarding this product.  Support hours are extended until 12:00 P.M. EST during the month of January.


You can also email us at  A response will be provided the following day.


Usually a problem can be remedied simply by downloading the latest version of the software from our website and reinstalling it.   Do not pay any attention to the version number as sometimes it does not change.   For small updates to the program we do not change the version number. So it is best to just download the the latest program prior to contacting us.  If that does not solve your problem then give us a call.


When installing a new download from our website it is important that it be installed to the same exact location that you installed it to originally.   Otherwise some data maintained in the original folder will not be available.  Also make sure that nobody else on your network is in the problem as the installation will not compete successfully.  


Additionally you never have to backup your data when installing an updated program over the original program.  Our installation programs never touch any of your data so you never have to worry.


Program downloads are available from our website at