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Quick Tutorial


6 simple steps!


We have a video tutorial which is about 5 minutes long.

Click here to view it.


Here are the steps


1. Setup your first payor.  Select Names and Addresses / Payors from the pull-down menu.  An empty table will appear.  Select the Insert button or press the INS key.  Enter the Federal ID#, Name and address for a payor.

2. Select Classic Forms from the pull-down menu.  Select a form to work with.  A table of payors will appear.  The payor you entered in the previous step should be there.  Double click on it.


3. Another empty table will appear.  That table lists the records entered for that payor for the selected form.  It will be empty because we haven't entered anything yet.  Select the Insert button or press the INS key.


4. Enter the social security number of an employee/recipient and press the Tab key.  A message box will appear which asks you if you are adding a new employee / recipient.  Say Yes.  Then enter the name and address of the employee/recipient.  You should be moving from field to field by pressing the Tab key unless you changed this behavior under System Options.  


5. Complete the rest of the form.  You can perform the same procedure using the Interactive Form entry method from the pull-down menus.


6. You are now ready to print.  Select Reports and either Preprinted forms or Laser engine.  Select the type of form you wish to print.  The payor you last accessed will be highlighted in a table.  Double click on it and finish printing the report.


That's all there is to it!