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Browsing Form Records


You are browsing a table of records entered into the system for the selected payor which appears at the top.  If the table is empty, no records have been entered.


You can perform an action by clicking on one of the buttons at the bottom to:


Action Shortcut key on keyboard

------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

Insert (adds a record) INS or Alt-I

Change (edits a record) ENTER or Alt-C

Delete (deletes a record) DEL or Alt-D



Each browse incorporates an explorer type sorting model.  The sort order of the records displayed is dependent on the currently selected column header at the top. Simply click on any column header to sort a column.  Click again and it will reverse sort.  Additional options such as Hiding/Unhiding columns or Subsorting columns are available by selecting Ctl-MouseLeft on a column.  


The current sort column for the browse will be highlighted in a different color text and the column title will be bracketed.  To search the current sort column simply type in a text value that you are looking for and the program will incrementally search for that value.  This is a search of left to right on that field.  If you need more advanced search criteria then select the query button to define something more complex.



1.  To view recently entered data click on the column titled 'Created" or "Edited".  Go to the bottom of the list and you will see the most recently created or changed records.   You can also click on the column titled "Recid' and go to the highest number.   That will give you the most recently added records.


2.  If you just want to view corrected records click on the column titled "Corrected".  Go to the bottom of the list and you will see only those records with a correction indicator.


3.  Use the Query button to find records that meet certain conditions


4.  The Select Another Payor button is available at the bottom if you wish to work with a different payor.


Other features available:

Last Year - 

This button will show what records were entered last year under this Payor for the form you have selected to work with.   You can then drag and drop individual records or use the tagging features to tag multiple records and then move them to the current year.


Export - 

This button will present you with an options screen where you can export the currently displayed list.   Output options are 







A variety of formatted options are available.


Show HOT - 


If a payor is marked as HOT then the list will display only those payors.