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Backup Facility


This is our integrated backup and restore program which will safely backup your data.   The data is compressed into a zip file.  The default storage location is "Backup" located underneath the current year program folder.   You also have the option of directing a second copy to be stored at a location of your choice.   Attaching a password to the zip file is optional.


When the utility is run, it automatcally accesses the current data folder as the source of the data but that can be changed..  A backup log of all backups made is maintained.


Backups can also be sent to our secure cloud server or sent to an FTP server of your choice.


If sending files to our secure cloud server you will need the following to be setup:

- the last name of the individual who purchased the program.

- the serial number provided in the registration sent to you.

- the email address to which that serial number was sent.



Note:   If when executing this routine you get an error message it is because we need to register a value within Windows.   To do this return to your desktop and find the icon which launches the program.   Right click on it as select "run as administrator".   Then go to the backup routine.   You only need to do this once as it will perform the registration within windows.